The magic of an outdoor setting at your place of residence is the continually evolving backdrop of its natural splendor appealing to every one of your senses from the visually stunning dew drops sitting tenderly upon an early morning lawn, the aromatic scent of vibrant flowers growing within the garden, the captivating taste of fresh air as you breath it in, the warmth of the sun embracing you with energy, and the rustling sound of the wind as it dances through the leaves of the trees. This awe-inspiring extension of your home is the perfect outdoor locale to sit with friends or family during a weekend cookout upon wooden, plastic or metal lounge furniture adorned with luscious foam padded cushions along with an accompanying conversation, bistro or dining table, as well as an expanding protective umbrella to shade you from any glare within your eyes. An elegant ivy-entwined wooden or metal trellis will add charm leaning against your house or standing upon its own ground stakes as a lovely archway opening into your yard and a strategically placed set of flower boxes will enrich your space with breathtaking exuberance. This outdoor place of serenity is where you can regale each other with blissful banter, read during an afternoon of leisure or simply delight in the beauty of it all.