Sofa Beds

When you are faced with a limited number of rooms or space within your home, trying to create adequate accommodations for visiting relatives or friends can be daunting, usually resulting in a recommendation for nearby commercial lodging. However, a fashionable and versatile sofa bed can add seating panache to your living room or home office, while effortlessly doubling as a cradle of spectacular slumber transitioning smoothly from day to night and back again. Today’s evolved sofa bed offers pillow and cushion containment options for maintenance free operation and concealed pockets or compartments to provide simple storage solutions for bedding. Elastic webbing reinforcements weaved into the center of the sofa seats deliver enduring firmness infused with plush comfort, while the dense foam padding within the back cushions provide ergonomic support for optimum lumbar alignment. Other features that are available include manually and powered adjustable headrests, seat depth adapting back rests, and elevating armrests that also serve as headrests for tranquil lounging. When you are ready to retire for the evening, your transformed bed will astound you with its unexpected lushness and unlike classic davenports, this mattress does not require a metal bracing bar, leaving you with nothing but absolute indulgence for a good night’s rest.