One of the most extraordinary dining room furnishings is the buffet – a versatile structure that takes on a myriad of sizes and form in a chameleon manner adopting the existing theme of your space or establishing an exciting new appearance. This amalgamation of storage and sophistication provides a variety of functions beginning with the display of your hot and cold plates upon its top surface. During a special occasion or holiday, the number of dishes served tends to increase, especially with the addition of diners, leaving less room upon the table for ease of access. The buffet is a clever storage solution that gives the guests an opportunity to fill their own plates, while allowing you to be an ever-present host during the entire event. Most buffets are available with cabinets, open shelves, sliding drawers or a combination of all elements ensuring an ideal place to conceal valuable cutlery, fine china, stemware and several other related items. Choose an impressive buffet that features a distressed antique look, a contoured unit that complements a traditional ambiance or an ultramodern style that bolsters your dining room lay-out with futuristic sleekness. All of our available buffet designs can be ordered in your choice of consistencies and finishes creating a look that is true to your spirit and home aesthetic.