Leather Beds

Leather is not exclusive to the upholstery of living room furniture, as it brings luxury and expressive beauty to a myriad of furnishings within your home, such as an elegant queen or king size platform bed. Frames are no longer restricted to any one particular material or covering, which opens the door to the lavish and palpable exterior of top grain Italian leather sweeping your bed with all-encompassing splendor. Choose a smooth and sleek surface that emphasizes your minimalist style or wrap your bed in a sheath of textured glamour for a luscious softness that will heighten your sensibilities beyond the realm of possibility. The headboard for your cradle of sleeping serenity will exude the most style and artistic mastery with your customized choice of lofty and commanding, palatial and delicate, evocative and enigmatic, or classic and timeless creative characteristics and adornments, along with a variety of features including dense foam padding, cut-outs or inserts, linear or button tufting, intricate stitching patterns, ambient illumination, or a plethora of other accents to reflect your distinctive point of view and personal preferences. Whether you choose synthetic, bonded, or full grain leather – you will be awe-struck by the scintillating elegance and sublime sumptuousness infused into your bedroom setting.