You may feel as though you have achieved all of the final touches to the interior design within each room of your house with your signature style and aesthetic taste from an individual choice of custom crafted furnishings. However, each area will not be complete without a series of unifying accessories to create the balance and harmony needed for an elegant environment. Wall art is one of the most defining ways to beautify any space with absolute cohesion beginning with an untouched wall as the perfect stage to showcase your artistic renderings. Express yourself and insert nuances of your preferred motif into a room of minimal ornamentation with paintings that include reflective splashes of color from your sofa or sectional. Infuse a unique pattern from a picture into your setting as a fluid thread of fashion to bind the entire room together or hang your art on a higher spot upon the wall drawing your eye up to that level for an illusion of elongated height giving your room a monumental appearance in scale. In addition, a succession of strategically placed paintings can transform a plain backdrop into a gallery inspired accent wall within your living room, bedroom, dining room, or home office.